Stacey Falls

This waterfall is refereed to on multiple topographical maps.  It is extremely high in the watershed, and I have never been able to come across an confirmation that it really exists.  I wonder if it is just a cartographer's watermark from years ago that got accidentally picked up.

Name Stacey Falls
Watercourse Unnamed
Height of Falls -
Width of Falls -
# of Drops -
Type of Falls -
Upper Rock Layer Borden Formation: Siltstone | minor limestone
Lower Rock Layer New Albany Shale: Shale
 Watershed Size (Acres) 58
 Watershed Size (Sq Miles) 0
Area of Face of Falls  -
Status Probable
Latitude 37.413937
Longitude -85.035403
Elevation -
Land Owner Private
Name of Land  
County Casey
Azimuth -
Submitted by Christopher Morris

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