The website is currently being retooled.  Please check back at a later date.

After over 2 years of the website being up and active, only 10 new waterfalls have been submitted by people other than myself.  Those that have been submitted have been by only a few people, yet I know and have seen dozens upon dozens of new waterfalls newly documented by people that are not in this database or any other.  It seems no one is in the sharing game, so the website is being retooled to account for that.

Also, recently there was an attack on this website as someone tried to force their way into the backend via brute force attempts.  They ultimately failed, but it is another odd thing.  With the sharing of Kentucky's natural resources and beautiful spots being hoarded by those that document them, it is odd for someone to try to gain access to one of the few places that actually freely distributes information that has been collected over 5 years of exploring.


Also in the works is an arch database to be located at www.kyarches.com, but don't expect that data to be publicly available to just anyone with internet access.


Example, Sky Bridge: