Busted & Destroyed

This is a list of waterfalls that have either been destroyed by human intervention (think Falls of the Ohio), or falls that are busted, and hence do not exist.  I have personally came across plenty of busted waterfalls that have been destroyed by nature.  A massive boulder, a size of a small office building rests where the waterfall drops.  So you could never actually see the waterfall today.  In other cases the topographically information is wrong, or the creek just falls in a long series of cascades instead of a true waterfall.  I have listed these for other explorers so they do not waste their time and journey looking for a waterfall that will not be there.  I would gladly include your own empty handed or busted waterfalls here as well to help all the explorers.  I am going to try over time to have a picture of why it is busted, if I took one at the time.  You get bummed out and forget to take a picture for documentation.  The great thing is, on the next creek you find the amazing gem, and it makes the exploration well worth it.



Falls on a Branch of Lick Creek

Lower Negro Falls



Falls of the Ohio

Laurel Branch Falls