State's Tallest Watefall

This past weekend I was able to make my way Mammoth Cave National Park and confirm that the state's tallest waterfall, measured so far, is not Yahoo Falls.  The biggest argument here would be, what size watershed is needed to consider a waterfall a true waterfall?  Does it need to flow year round?  You could make the argument that even Yahoo Falls does not do that.  The Forest Service considers Dick Gap Falls to be a waterfall, and has signs for it and it is located on their topographical maps.  It yet only has a watershed of 40 acres.  I have never seen a picture of it with decent flow. 

Yahoo Falls has a watershed of 303 acres.

Yahoo Falls is 108 feet tall, from crest to ground below.

Yahoo Falls

Yahoo Falls

©One Man's Adventure

Flea Cave Hollow Falls on the other hand, was measured at 122 feet tall, from crest to the ground below.  It only has a watershed of 41 acres, close to what Dick Gap Falls has.  Yet I have seen pictures and videos with WAY more water than it had when I visited.  Of course being in Mammoth Cave National Park, means the falls most likely is somewhat spring fed as well.  There are several sinkholes located in the plateau above the waterfall.

Flea Cave Hollow Falls, Edmonson County, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Flea Cave Hollow Falls

©Chuck Sutherland

I would venture to guess that there are other waterfalls with watersheds similar to Yahoo Falls that rival it in height or exceed it.  The question is have you been to one that you think is higher?  Let me know.


Also I have received a few waterfalls that I did not know existed, that readers and viewers alike have submitted.  Please continue to submit any waterfalls that you know of that are not listed.  They have been added to the map and the website as well.

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