Update-Private Falls

A big thanks to several people who submitted new waterfalls as well as pictures of waterfalls already in the database, in the second half of 2016.  The website has now been updated with their information.  Big thanks to Mike Hoffman and ZBeavin for their submissions of waterfalls unknown to the database as well as myself.  Thanks to Jonathan Trevor Johnson, Parker Barham and Melissa Steinkamp for their submissions of photographs.  Especially for the waterfalls that were missing photographs.

That brings the public total of waterfalls in the database for Kentucky up to 150 waterfalls!  Thanks so much.  To note, there are plenty of waterfalls in the database that are not publically viewable because of the sensitivity of the area, private property and such.  Currently, the private total in the database is 175 waterfalls, which includes all the publicly available ones as well.  These are available to users only.  Currently, there is no way to become a user unless I create you a login.  I am going to make this 'private' section of the database available for anyone who submits a decent amount of waterfalls and shows their commitment to updating the database with unknown waterfalls.  Also to note, when submitting a waterfall, you can ask for it to only be available on the private end and not the public end of the database.  Just make a note of that in the 'other information' section of submitting a waterfall.