Website Update

I am currently working behind the scenes to update the website.  I am retooling the entire site.  This update will automatically update the website with new data instead of having to create each waterfall page individually.  

So what does this mean?

1) It means that in the short term (probably the rest of 2017), some links may or may not be broken while I update pages with the automatic system.  The waterfall map will be the last thing to be updated, as no matter what, it is going to require a manual update.  Once the main update is loaded, the best way to search for waterfalls (in the short term) will be via the 3 lines in the top left corner and search by geographical area.  If you are lacking in your geographic knowledge of the state (as I use to be) make sure to check out the Geography of Kentucky map to become aware of the area you want to search.  The Cumberland Plateau is by far the most waterfall intense area of the state, but also covers a large swath of the state as well.

2) The website in the short term will be updated with roughly the same waterfalls as it has had for the last year, plus a handful or two that I kept their locations privately held.  I kept the locations private of some because of the sensitive nature of their location, the untouched beauty of their location or simply because they are located on private property.  There are plenty of locations that I have promised to keep privately known that are not included in this update, but ALL that I have documented with my own exploration are included in this eventual full update.  Some involve literal miles upon miles to reach the base of, while others are roadside.  I believe it is YOUR responsibility to obtain legal access as well as respecting the land and the geographical features.  If you don't, you will see places become posted, or worse destroyed.  Respect this ONE & ONLY planet that we have been graciously given.

3) I am also including in this eventual full update the literal 1000's of waterfalls that I have spent time documenting from topographical maps as well as lidar data for the state.  What does that and those words mean?  It means I spent hours and days pouring through data to find places that I need to explore.  Instead of waiting to post those locations once I have personally explored and visited them, I am posting them in this eventual full update for you to explore.  That means that you should go explore, and when you do, report back your findings.  Write me a trip report.  Let me know if it actually exists and send a picture so others can see the worthiness of checking it out themselves.  This is key to documenting Kentucky's waterfalls.  


Stay tuned and please be patient while the website is automated and updated.  It is for the best that I go through this painful process to make it a more complete and thorough documentation of Kentucky's waterfalls.