Weather Update


Since water, rain, and weather are such an integral part of waterfalling, I have spent the time adding several cloud coverage maps, satellite imagery and forecasts to the website in an easy to view format.  This puts several resources that I use when deciding to go waterfalling in one convenient location.


You can simply click the top 3 lines in the top left corner for 'more menu options'.  There is a new category 'Weather' that includes the following:


First is the Cloud Map that is updated from NOAA's satellite every 5 minutes.  A great resource when wanting to see what the conditions in the state are right now.


Next, there is the Cloud Forecast, also from NOAA that shows the cloud forecast for the next week!  The bluer the map is the sunnier (think blue skies) it is going to be.  The grayer the map is (think cloudy skies) the cloudier it is going to be:

  • KY37
  • KY22
  • KY23
  • KY24
  • KY25
  • KY27
  • KY29
  • KY31
  • KY33
  • KY33
  • KY21
  • KY39
  • KY41
  • KY43
  • KY45
  • KY47
  • KY49
  • KY51
  • KY53
  • KY55
  • KY11
  • KY2
  • KY3
  • KY4
  • KY5
  • KY6
  • KY7
  • KY8
  • KY9
  • KY10
  • KY1
  • KY12
  • KY13
  • KY14
  • KY15
  • KY16
  • KY17
  • KY18
  • KY19
  • KY20


Lastly, there is the Cloud Loop that shows how the clouds have been traveling over the last 6 hours.  This way you can know where the clouds are heading and how fast.  This is also updated from NOAA's satellite every 5 minutes.