Update and Top 10 Submitters

The database has been updated with several new photographs, updated location or other data for existing waterfalls as well as a slew of new waterfalls.  32 waterfalls were submitted/updated in this update.  The database is now up to 620 waterfalls, with still only 590 waterfalls on the map.  The waterfall map will be updated after the next round of submissions are submitted and added.


The Top 10 County list has been updated, and Laurel has made it to 80 waterfalls.  McCreary is not far behind.  Also, Elliott County left the list as Kenton County passed it and Whitley County finally made it into the Top 10 list for the first time.


Lastly, there is a new Top 10 list, as seen below, and will be updated here.

The following is the list of the top submitters of waterfalls to the database.  If you would like to add to the database please submit waterfalls and other landforms here.




Name Waterfalls


Mike Hoffman 39


Ronald David Parrott 34


Joshua Lowe 12


Mike Cochis 10


Adam Thompson 8


Stephanie Stoops 7


Grant Williams 6


Bill Fultz 5


Peter McDermott 5


Jeff Fleek 4


* There are 4 people with 3 submitted waterfalls, and currently barely off this list.  They are Brandon Jett, Matthew Huested, Tim Stoops and Tony Courtney.

* The creator of this database is left off of this list.


This list was created on 3-2-2019.