Happy New Year 2022 Update

Happy New Year and happy waterfall season, which is now in full swing.  I really want to thank the new submitters.  It is always exciting to have some new faces get involved in documenting Kentucky's waterfalls and natural features.  Also thanks to the submitters who have been around for a while and continue to populate the database with more undocumented waterfalls.  The database is now up to 930 waterfalls, with 857 waterfalls on the map.

All of the Top Ten pages have been either updated or checked and have no updates.  Check them out here.

The Top 10 Tallest now has a new addition for the first time in 8 months.  With this submission, the Top 10 tallest waterfalls in the state are all over 100 feet in height!  Crazy!  I would have never imaged that years ago.  There has also been some big changes to the Top 10 Counties list.  Several counties have jumped around on the list, and Laurel is making a run the top spot.

Get out there and explore!  Enjoy waterfall season here in the commonwealth.