1000 Waterfalls!!!

Here at Kentucky Waterfalls, we have officially hit 1000 waterfalls in the database with 900 on the map.  That is quite a feat when I started this adventure years ago.  Ronald David Parrott has hit 100 submissions, being the second Kentuckian to reach that feat, after Mike Hoffman (creator of this database omitted).  Jim Ledford also made it into the Top 10 of submitters!  Thanks to all the submitters for continuing to make this the place for waterfall information in Kentucky.

Hit up the map to check out the goods!

All of the Top Ten pages have been either updated or checked and have no updates.  Check them out here.

Laurel County tied McCreary County for the most waterfalls.  Can it pass McCreary and leave it behind once and for all?  Or will McCreary pull back away?