March 2023 Update

Huge thanks to Bill Fultz and him keeping this database going for the last year.  I have personally done almost nothing to the database since this time last year.  Bill stepped up and keep this place, as well as the other databases, moving and growing.  He kept in touch with the submitters, he added to the database, and he grew it.  In that time he added over 100 waterfalls, and had one of the largest influx of submitters in the database's history.  A huge props to him. This past year has been the worst of my life, with tremendous heartache and pain.  With a renewed focus and the help of Bill, we bring you this update, the first with over 1000 waterfalls to be seen by you, that are available of the map.  Kentucky continues to amaze us all, slowing showcasing her majestic wonders that she has hidden for decades or centuries.  I hope this database brings you adventure, joy and a passion to protect Kentucky.

The waterfall database is now up to 1140 waterfalls, with 1002 on the map and 4 leads.  We are now over 1100 waterfalls in the database.  Thanks to all those that are submitting.  Pretty awesome work.

Hit up the map to check out the goods!

All of the Top Ten pages have been either updated or checked and have no updates.  Check them out here.

McCreary is hanging on by one waterfall over Laurel.  South Central Kentucky is dominating the waterfall count.

We have yet another 2 new waterfalls to the widest falls top 10.  We also have an addition to the top 10 tallest waterfalls in the database.  This is the first in over a year!