Singing Falls


One Man's Adventure


This waterfall is also almost always referred to as Fort Falls, but as you can see in the description of this old photograph of the waterfall, it is the restaurant that received its name from the waterfall. Lost in time people just started calling the waterfall Fort Falls, but alas that was not the original case. It was named Singing Falls because you could hear it 'singing' from the road as you passed.

NameSinging Falls
WatercourseBox Canyon
Height of Falls-
Width of Falls-
# of Drops1
Type of FallsPlunge
Upper Rock LayerCarter Caves Sandstone: Sandstone
Lower Rock LayerParagon and Slade Formations, undifferentiated: Shale | limestone
Watershed Size (Acres)-
Watershed Size (Sq Miles)-
Area of Face of Falls-
Land OwnerPrivate
Name of Land
Submitted byChristopher Morris