Yahoo Falls


One Man's Adventure


It is publicly noted that Yahoo Falls is 113 feet tall. I have no idea how the park service got that measurement, how old that measurement is and how they measured it. I measured this falls quite a few times, using several different methods and I am being generous with the 108' tall measurement. That is to the bottom of that rock on the top left of the crest of the waterfall. I disagree that this falls is 113' tall, and that is an incorrect measurement/information.

NameYahoo Falls
WatercourseA Branch of Yahoo Creek
Height of Falls108
Width of Falls4
# of Drops1
Type of FallsPlunge
Upper Rock LayerAlvy Creek Formation: Shale | siltstone | sandstone | coal
Lower Rock LayerParagon Formation: Clay shale | limestone | sandstone | siltstone
Watershed Size (Acres)303
Watershed Size (Sq Miles)0
Area of Face of Falls432
Land OwnerInterior Department
Name of LandBig South Fork National River & Recreation Area
Submitted byChristopher Morris


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