Beaver Creek Falls



I was in Beaver Creek Wilderness today, and thought I would try to confirm the possible Beaver Creek Falls. I approached from the west on the Middle Ridge Trail, and found no water fall on Beaver Creek near the posted coordinates. I tried to continue farther down the trial, but a large tree has recently fallen blocking the trail with the only options to get around being wading the creek, or a risky climb up the hill. Since I could not hear a waterfall from there, I decided not to bother going around the tree. Near the possible coordinates, there is a very small waterfall trickling over a small rock shelter along the trail. Perhaps that is what the original post was referencing. Personally, I consider this just a little more than a standard intermittent drip found at most rock shelters. Hope this helps. I've been very blessed by these databases.

NameBeaver Creek Falls
WatercourseBeaver Creek
Height of Falls-
Width of Falls-
# of Drops-
Type of Falls-
Upper Rock LayerAlvy Creek Formation: Shale
Lower Rock LayerParagon Formation: Shale | dolomite | limestone | sandstone
Watershed Size (Acres)9387
Watershed Size (Sq Miles)15
Area of Face of Falls-
Land OwnerUSDA
Name of LandBeaver Creek WMA
Submitted byNick Dimmick