Dry Fork Falls


Jim Ledford


Posted with no treaspassing signs above falls. Confirmed it as a single waterfall on public land with a side falls approx 200' away. The boundary line is the cliff line all the way around that bowl. Plenty of markers and signs in the area noting so. Only problem is, to access it the right way, you need to park further down the road to walk directly on to the property to avoid trespassing. From there you have to work your way back upstream to view it.

NameDry Fork Falls
WatercourseDry Fork
Height of Falls54
Width of Falls2
# of Drops1
Type of FallsPlunge
Upper Rock LayerRockcastle Sandstone Member, Bee Rock Formation: Conglomeratic sandstone
Lower Rock LayerAlvy Creek Formation: Shale | siltstone | fine-grained sandstone
Watershed Size (Acres)-
Watershed Size (Sq Miles)-
Area of Face of Falls-
Land OwnerKentucky Department Of Fish And Wildlife
Name of LandRockcastle River WMA
Submitted byJim Ledford