Carpenter Fork Falls


Ronald David Parrott


Roadside parking is available right next to the top of the falls, but the falls can't be seen from the parking spot. A path from the parking spot leads to down to the view from the top. Two hundred and fifty feet north of the parking spot (where the shoulder gets narrow) one can scramble down to access the base of the falls. Four hundred and twenty five feet north of the parking spot is an alternate parking spot. From there one can walk over to the edge of the gorge for the only roadside view of the entire waterfall.

NameCarpenter Fork Falls
WatercourseCarpenter Fork
Height of Falls-
Width of Falls-
# of Drops1
Type of FallsHorsetail
Upper Rock LayerDrakes Formation: Siltstone
Lower Rock LayerBoyle Dolomite: Dolomite conglomerate | dolomitic limestone | limestone
Watershed Size (Acres)-
Watershed Size (Sq Miles)-
Area of Face of Falls-
Land OwnerPrivate
Name of Land
Submitted byRonald David Parrott