Top 10 Tallest Falls


The following is the list of the tallest waterfalls measured to date in the state of Kentucky.

In measuring and including waterfalls in this list, several rules or standards were put in place for a waterfall to be included.


• The waterfalls had to be measured using a laser rangefinder (aka a Disto or similar device)

          • So no historical measurements were used in the creation, only actual, accurate measurements

• The waterfalls were measured from the crest to the contact of the water in the splash pool or stream

         • Multiple tiered waterfalls are included but are noted as such, since they are not free-flowing the entire height

• To be including in this list, the waterfall has to have an upstream watershed of at least 100 acres



Name Height Free-flowing


Crabtree Falls 145 No2


Secret Sink Falls 142 No


Portal Falls 133 No1


East Mariba Fork Falls 127 Yes


Fincastle Falls 116 Yes


Mariba Fork Falls 111 Yes


Yahoo Falls 108 Yes


Redemption Falls 108 No


Divergent Falls 107 No


Skaggs Falls 107 Yes


1) 121' of Portal Falls are free-flowing.  There is a 12' upper portion that is a horsetail before it drops over the cliff.

2) Crabtree Falls is a two-tiered waterfall.  The taller, bottom tier is 98' tall.

* Height is shown in US feet


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